York High School Alumni Association, Inc.

York High School Alumni Association, Inc.

York High School Alumni Association, Inc.

York High School Alumni Association, Inc. York High School Alumni Association, Inc.

Scholarship program



The York High School Alumni Association, Inc. awards educational scholarships annually to graduating seniors of York High to the College or Technical School of their choice. Additional scholarships are available to YHS seniors planning to attend Christopher Newport University. Scholarships are available to deserving YHS seniors if they complete the application process and are selected.   




York High seniors wishing to compete for the Alumni Association scholarships must complete an application and submit it to the YHS Guidance Department by no later than March 1st of their graduation year. The Alumni Scholarship Committee will then make a selection from the applications received.  Applicants must have an excellent scholastic record and participate in extracurricular activities, both in school and in the community. 


For further information contact the Alumni Scholarship Committee Chairman or click Contact Us.

Eunice Taylor Fenwick

(757) 253-2929 (Home)

(757) 869-5510 (Cell)


CNU Scholarship Awards

Christopher Newport University has a perpetual endowed scholarship available for a qualifying YHS senior planning to attend CNU. This dedicated YHS Alumni Association Scholarship was funded during the celebration of York High’s 50th anniversary in 2004 (known as “The Golden Jubilee”).  Proceeds of these funds will be made available to support part of the selected individual's tertiary education. For further information and forms, applicants should contact the CNU Office of Financial Aid at (757) 594-7170 or visit http://financialaid.cnu.edu. CNU makes its own selection and distributes the funds available to our YHS graduates. If no YHS graduate applies for the CNU endowment it will be used to support another deserving CNU applicant.  Therefore, it is crucial that YHS seniors planning to continue their education at CNU be made aware of the existence of this additional scholarship. Excellent opportunity! 

Scholarship Recipients

2005 - Ryanne Bendinte Ford (Tusculum University)

2006 - Kathryn Neff Saunders (W&M)

2007  - Grace Howell (VT),  Daniel Johnson (CNU)

2008 - Zach Dillingham (W&M), Christine Hood (CNU)

2009 - Deanna Pittman (VCU), Christine Hood (CNU)

2010 - Eslam M. Abuhmad (ODU), Christine Hood (CNU)

2011 - Alex Holler (JMU), Christine Hood (CNU)

2012 - Mary Kaitlin DeChristopher (CNU), Elizabeth Greenwood (Longwood)

2013 - Morgan Hudnall (TNCC), Hobie Kopczynski (VCU), Sravani Tripuraneni (CNU)

2014 - Nicole Krause (ODU), Gabrielle Patrick (ODU), Ben Kempton (CNU)

2015 - Mara Reichle (UVA), Ben Kempton (CNU)

2016 - Paige Irvine (UVA), Hannah Stratton (VT), Ben Kempton (CNU)

2017 - Alison Kathleen Stall Garretts (TNCC), Joan Riggins (JMU)

2018 - Helen Fisher (VT) 

2019 - Landyn Kopczynski (Educational Institution in Florida.  Major - Marine Veterinary Technology)